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1 December 1982
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Aaron is 22, a blast to hang out with, has a great outlook on life (nicknamed "posi core"), listens to great music and can best be described by 3 words: Totally Fucking Awesome. Everyone has more fun when Aaron's around. Aaron wrestles, takes tons of pictures and loves to snowboard. He's going to become a cop someday and likes helping people. The ladies love him, but he's a bit of a shy guy. Aaron would very highly consider being your best friend for $1.
Strengths: massive(st) muscles, can sleep through nuclear holocaust, can take more teasing than anyone else (great sense of humor), neverending stomach, easier to entertain than a toddler,
Weaknesses: procrastination, slacking, no concept of spending, wouldn't wake up if you cut off his big toe (which falls under the entertainment category for the things you can do to him and take pictures), irrational fear of zombies, dancing through entire ringtones and often missing the call,
Special Skills: getting it on his forehead, saying rude things in French that sound romantic, transforming to dancing machine when needed,
Weapons: smooth talking, army of saigon whores, weapons of mass destruction (but he can never find them when he wants to; you know who that goes out to), Burton- Custom, portable lemon-flavored snow cone machine,
Awesome-O-Meter: 37.894 out of 10

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"In my life, I have failed and failed and failed again. And that is why I'm so successful."
-Michael Jordan

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."
-Wayne Gretzky

"Don't hold anything back. That way you can't ever start a sentence with 'What if.'" -Me

"Yesterdays are done with
Tomorrows may never come
Live todays like they're your last
And you're guaranteed an awesome run" -Me

Marriage is love.